1. I will always strive to meet the highest evolving standards of Competence in the profession and add value to organizational success.

2. I will deal with all tourism stakeholders with utmost Integrity and create an environment of trust leading to Ethical success of my organization.

3. I will ensure that I am always reliable and consistent in all my actions by accepting responsibility for my decisions and actions thereby creating Credibility for my profession and myself.

4. I will be objective in all my actions and decisions and foster Fairness with firmness.

5. I will conduct myself in a way that Facilitates Growth and Development of all those I am responsible for.

6. I will strive to be a Role Model for all others and Champion exemplary practice of the tourism profession.

7. I will respect the rights of privacy, will not use my position for personal gains and ensure that there is no Conflict of Interest in what I do with any of tourism stakeholders.