The membership of the society shall be composed of

a) Active Members (b} Affiliate Members (c) Honorary Members

The Managing Committee may at any time create different classes of members and may provide for entrance fees and

subscriptions and define their respective rights and privileges. The Executive Committee shall have power to dispense with the payment of the entrance fee/membership fee, if they deem fit. The decision of the Managing Committee will be final in all cases.

Active Members: A firm or company having established place of business in Karnataka, India and recognized by the

Department of Tourism as Tour Operator /Travel Agent / Hotel / Resort / Spa/ Adventure Operators for a minimum period of one year with minim of turn over in tourism and hospitality should be Rs.25/-lakhs shall be eligible for membership as an active member of the association provided an application is made and accepted by the Managing Committee. However only one office of a firm or company shall be admitted as an Active Member of the Society.

Affiliate Members: Any person, firm or company not falling under any of the mentioned under Active Members, however, who is regularly engaged or associated with tourism and hospitality related activities and has established place of business in Karnataka or any other states in India shall be eligible for Affiliate membership of the association. The minimum turnover of the company/firm should be Rs. 10 Lakh.They shall have no right to vote in the proceedings of the society.

Honorary Members: The Managing Committee may invite persons who are Hall of Fame Awardees and distinguished

society members and / or who have distinguished themselves by the services to the services to the tourism and Travel

Industry in the State or National or International field to become Honorary Members of the Association. Such members will be invited to the association by the unanimous vote of all the members of the Managing Committee. The Hon. Minister for Tourism, Govt of Karnataka is a Patron of the Society. The Secretary Tourism, Govt of Karnataka as ex-officio Hon. Members of the Society.

Life  Members:  A firm or company having established place of business in Karnataka, India and recognized by the Department of Tourism as Tour Operator /Travel Agent / Hotel / Resort / Spa/ Adventure Operators for who on fulfilling the eligible criteria can apply for Life Members by remitting the prescribed fees. The validity period of Life Membership is for 15 years from the year and date of acceptance of the membership duly approved by the Managing Committee. . 



Active Member Admission Fee Rs. 3000

Annual Subscription Rs. 2500 Rs.6490/-

Taxes applicable Rs. 990

Affiliate Member Admission Fee Rs. 2500

Annual Subscription Rs. 2000 Rs. 5310/-

Taxes applicable Rs. 810

Change of Membership Status Affiliate to Active: Rs.590 (Including Taxes applicable)


a.  A member may resign from membership of the Society and upon acceptance of his resignation by the Managing Committee, he shall cease to be a member.

b. The annual subscription of member shall become due on 1st April of each year. If the subscription is not paid within 60 days from theist April of each year, the member will be deemed to be a defaulter. If any member fails to pay his subscrip-tion beyond the period of 60 days from 1st April of each year, the Secretary shall issue a notice calling for payment through certified post of such dues within 30 days and if payment is not made within the said 30 days from the date of receipts of the notice, the member shall cease to be a member of the Association.

c.  A member who causes damage or prejudice to the Society or who does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Society may be expelled from membership of the Society by a resolution of the Manging Committee, Passed at a duly convened meeting and supported by at least 3/4 of members present. The voting on the resolution shall be by Secret Ballo


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