Karnataka Tourism Society also known as KTS was formed in the year 2019. It was formed with the main objective of promoting the state of Karnataka through all it’s stakeholders and show case Karnataka as an important destination in the tourist map of India.

Karnataka is known for its diverse attractions and opportunities that it offers to travelers. The state has everything to offer other than snow clad mountains. It is indeed a traveler’s paradise.

KTS has been known for its partnership programmes with the Governments both at the State and the Central level. They have over a short period of time managed to create a distinct identity for themselves by getting some of their key programmes recognised

Needless to say that during these difficult times has taken the initiative to organise a vaccination drive for all concerned in the travel and tourism industry. This is indeed a commendable feat for the KTS and has been lauded by all.

We are committed to the states growth in travel and tourism and we are delighted with all the support that the Government has extended to us. As an industry tourism is one of the largest employers in the country,  demonstrating the power of tourism and we are very certain  that with the continued support that KTS is  receiving, “we are on the way top  as the most sought after destinations not only in the India but also overseas”, says Mr. Shyama Raju, the President of the KTS.

 KT aims to promote  destination(s)  not only to the stakeholders within the state but also those outside   thus enabling a wider depth in tourism related products for everybodys’ benefit.  “Over a period of time we would be promoting the state, its attractions and the opportunities that it offers to international markets too”, says the Hon Secretary Mr. S. Mahalingaiah, Director  of Skyway International Travels.