The Objects of the Society shall be:

To promote tourism in the State of Karnataka and to promote the interests of all persons engaged in activities connected with tourism.

To invite and organize study tours of foreign tour operators, travel agents, tourism promotion agencies, Indian Tour Operators and Travel Agents, travel writers, travel related press, Bloggers, opinion makers, celebrities, to the State of Karnataka with the objective of disseminating information on tourism potential.

To collect and disseminate statistical information on tourism within India and abroad, educate the members of the Society about the potential of tourism in the State of Karnataka and develop strategies to achieve such potential.

To collect and disseminate statistical information on arrival of tourists in the State of Karnata- ka, their places of origin, spending habits, places visited, and days spent etc.,

To undertake tourism promotion efforts in India and abroad by conducting road shows, seminars, workshops, participation in major travel shows and exhibitions, FAM to stake hold- ers promoting India and Karnataka, study classes, works shops, publishing books, magazines, periodicals, travel guides, maps, information brochures and advertisements in print media, TV channels, online portals, SEO and Digital Marketing, etc.,

To act as a spokesperson of the tourism industry in the State of Karnataka.

To undertake or to engage consultants for tourism promotion studies to identify opportuni- ties and threats and disseminate such information to the members. Conduct skill development training to drivers, guides, porters working in Railway stations, taxi and auto drivers, executives working in tourism and hospitality,

To undertake training programme for the staff and members of the Society and other inter- ested students in the travel and tourism industry in Karnataka

To undertake all efforts to make known the activities of the Society to the public in general, and to the travel, tourism and hospitality trade in particular.

To render help, arrange for and encourage and promote celebrations of national, cultural, social and such other festivals including fashion shows, events, celebrations, award functions, conducive to the objects of tourism promotion.

To represent the problems and issues concerning tourism trade to appropriate authorities in the Government or other agencies and obtain redressal of such grievances.

To work with Ministry of Tourism in formulating state policies, annual plans, budgets, any new initiatives to promote Karnataka including local authorities, corporations, tourism related inter departments, viz., Transport, Railways, Forest, Heritage, Culture, Public Works, Police, etc., that may have an impact on the tourism trade in general.

To seek legal remedy on any problem of general nature faced by any or all members or the general public in the interest of justice.

To establish, promote, manage or assist in the establishment, promotion or management of any other body, association or Company or to amalgamate with such body, association or Com- pany whose objects or aims are similar to that of the Society and to become a member of and/or to subscribe to such other body, association or Company for bona fide furtherance of the objects of the Society.

To enter into any agreement or arrangement with Government or any other Organization, society, trust or association having objects similar to those of the Society and to join any such Organization, society, trust or association and to get affiliated or grant affiliation to any such Organization, society, trust or association having similar objects.

To open and operate bank accounts (current, savings or fixed) in the name of the Society in any of the banks in India to be operated in such manner as may be decided by the Managing Committee.

To raise funds for carrying out the affairs of the Society through Government, grants, dona- tions, membership subscription, stall rent, exhibitions, tuition fees, advertisement in souvenirs, donations, gifts, benefit shows, sales of gift items, dinner/tea meetings etc.

To acquire by purchase, gift or otherwise any movable or immovable properties, rights, interests or titles therein.

To raise funds from banks or other financial institutions or individuals or members, any amounts that may be necessary for carrying out the objects of the Society subject to such limits as may be specified by the members in the General Body Meeting from time to time.

To spend the available funds for the promotion of the objects of the Society.

To invest the surplus funds, that may be available with the Society in bank deposits or other Government Securities or trust securities and realist the same as per the directions of the Manag- ing Committee. {Prior/subsequently ratified by the general body}.

To receive, hold, and possess any property including securities of any kind and to construct and maintain any building.

To donate funds belonging to the Society for any public cause of national or regional importance or for the promotion of the tourism industry in general.

To frame rules and regulations and byelaws and amend the same from time to time with the consent of the members.

To conduct KITE (Karnataka International Tourism Expo) annually / by annually or as decided by general body to promote Karnataka Tourism.

To do all things as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

Provided, however, that any contributions by the Society to or co‐operation with any other trust, society or project having as its sole objects all or any of the aforesaid objects shall mean furtherance of the objects of this Society.

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